The "Side Project" : Dyna 09 - Part 1

The "Side Project" : Dyna 09 - Part 1

Before to reveal our two ambitious project opposing a LowRider 2021 and an Indian Sportchief 2023 (they will be crazy), let us to show you this "side project" with a Dyna 2009. 

We had a great opportunity to buy this bike from a client, and this Dyna is a perfect base to build a clubstyle inspired directly from the 2000's.

No custom paint for this project, we want to keep the original black paint and the grey lines. We just need to fix the tank and the rust rear fender, and have to change some gaskets.

Stay tuned for the Part 2 : we will add a 10" T-Bar, fairing, exhaust, air filter and lots of very cool parts!





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